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Save Your Dog's Life: Choking

  Choking is a frequent emergency situation that you can encounter with your pet. Most dogs can chew on almost everything, including bones, toys, sticks, and plastic (to name a few! ), which can get stuck in the mouth's palate or windpipe - knowing how to react to a choking dog could save your pet's life, as you might not have enough time to rush to the vet. Are you aware of what to do if your dog chokes? It is critical that you seek veterinary assistance immediately, as the dog will suffocate. Choking Symptoms • Panic / hysteria • Difficulty breathing • Pawing at the mouth • Choking/hacking noises • Blue lips or tongue • Unresponsive or unaware dog What to do: • Remain vigilant - a choking animal can panic and bite. • Remain calm; your fear will spread to your dog; talk in a firm, soothing tone. • Open the dog's mouth with both hands - one on the upper jaw and the other on the lower. • Grasping the dog's jaws, tuck the dog's lips between the teeth and your fingerti

The French Bulldog Is Popular, Affectionate, and Smart

 Where does the French Bulldog come from?

If the name is French Bulldog, it must be French, right? Well, maybe, maybe not. It seems that way back in the 19th century in Britain, before the industrial revolution, women in lace factories (especially those in Nottingham) used a puppy to warm their knees. Many of these dogs are small or toy bulldogs.

As jobs in the lace factories began to dry up, many displaced lace workers emigrated to Normandy, where lace makers were still needed, and they brought small bulldogs with them. These puppies are very popular with Parisian ladies engaged in the entertainment industry. Obviously, walking with a small bulldog on a leash is a good way to attract customers.

Small bulldogs have some favorable crosses with local French dog breeds so they are recognized as separate dog breeds and are very popular in France. French bulldog Voila.

How are the French?

The Frenchman is a puppy, about 11 to 13 inches tall and weighing less than 28 pounds. One of the unique features is the upright bat-shaped ears. Another similar bulldog, the Boston Terrier, also has erect ears. On the other hand, the English Bulldog has lop-eared. The average weight of the English Bulldog is also twice that of the French Bulldog.

Their hair is short and straight. The French don't have much diarrhea, but it's enough not to make it a hypoallergenic dog. If you are allergic to dogs, you may not want a French bulldog.

Frenchie's coat comes in a variety of colors, the most common being spotted, cream, white, and black. They are usually a combination of these colors and are also variegated.

Their tails are naturally short or almost nonexistent. Its tail, its tail, has a lot of vertical dogs, strong, or looks a little twisted and strong.

Are French Bulldogs combative?

Socially, they remain calm and friendly. When they socialize properly, they are usually not aggressive. However, if abused or neglected, they can cause harm to other dogs or animals. Like most dogs, they can also be trained to be aggressive. If the French Bulldog is aggressive it is almost certainly human error.

Are they expensive?

In the eyes of a lover, it is just as expensive as beauty. Also how much money is in your wallet. For most of us, purebred dogs can be expensive. Expect to pay an average of $ 2,000 for a French bulldog puppy. If you want a dog with an impressive pedigree, you may have to pay $ 5,000 or more.

Are French Bulldogs smart?

According to the AKC's 2019 list of the most popular dog breeds, French, Bulldog, and Boston Terrier are very popular dog breeds in the United States, ranked 4th, 5th, and 21st respectively. Surprisingly, the Labrador is still the most popular dog in the United States, topping the list for 29 consecutive years!

Are they good for children?

As long as children treat them with kindness and respect, they are very good with children. The French are puppies, but they are not fragile. They can enjoy strict play, but they cannot be abused.

The French are bred to be companion dogs so they need human companionship and don't look forward to staying home for long. Your French will want to be your place, especially if it means cuddling on the couch.

Are they good watchdogs?

Compared to other small dogs, French don't bark much, but they will let you know when they detect strangers like UPS delivery men. They may be territorial and protective, but they are not aggressive, so don't expect to attack bad guys.

French bulldogs are popular with celebrities

They have become one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and are now ranked fourth by the AKC. Famous people who own or own French include Lady Gaga, Martha Stewart, Eva Longoria, Hugh Jackman, Reese Witherspoon, and many others.


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