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Save Your Dog's Life: Choking

  Choking is a frequent emergency situation that you can encounter with your pet. Most dogs can chew on almost everything, including bones, toys, sticks, and plastic (to name a few! ), which can get stuck in the mouth's palate or windpipe - knowing how to react to a choking dog could save your pet's life, as you might not have enough time to rush to the vet. Are you aware of what to do if your dog chokes? It is critical that you seek veterinary assistance immediately, as the dog will suffocate. Choking Symptoms • Panic / hysteria • Difficulty breathing • Pawing at the mouth • Choking/hacking noises • Blue lips or tongue • Unresponsive or unaware dog What to do: • Remain vigilant - a choking animal can panic and bite. • Remain calm; your fear will spread to your dog; talk in a firm, soothing tone. • Open the dog's mouth with both hands - one on the upper jaw and the other on the lower. • Grasping the dog's jaws, tuck the dog's lips between the teeth and your fingerti

How to Make Homemade Cat Food

First of all, why do you want it? Isn't it easy to go to a pet store with a box full of cans and a pack of dry food? Most of us will honestly answer "yes." Indeed, this is standard practice for my wife and I's first cat.

In stark contrast, my mother never bought commercial pet food. What is shocking to me the most was that her cats (the cats we grew up with) got so old that we consider them all part of the furniture. They are always there! When her pure-aged cat died, both of their cats were nearly 30 years old. More importantly, they are always healthy, full of vitality, strength, and vitality. I never remember taking them to the vet.

Unfortunately, my "management" of cats is different. We lost one person at 7, and the other died at the age of 9. Their deaths were never declared satisfactory, but it mentioned renal function and liver failure. It took us nearly two years to overcome their loss and get another pair.

Soon after we bought two new cats, I noticed their behavior gradually changed. One turns into an overweight couch potato, and the other seems to be getting more and more sleepy. When my mother came to visit, she made unfavorable comments. She scolded me about canned food and forced me to treat it as rubbish. Opening a can for her is her last resort. Like my generation, I think I have a lot of money, but very little time. Ultimately, it's how we choose to spend our time.

After my mom came to us for a few months, I decided to follow my mom's method. She left early in the morning and came back to herself with different ingredients. Some of them are amazingly free! She started cooking and raw food for the cat. The smell of the kitchen spawned a new way of expression here, "dancing cats," as they weaved around her legs and climbed into the kitchen. It's a far cry from their usual drowsiness and the wasted food they usually leave behind.

By the time she left the cat, the situation had changed dramatically: our former couch cats no longer needed to leave the house every day, and the males were always outside, active and hunting. The litter box is no longer necessary, great! My mom showed how easy it is to cheaply feed a few cats with good quality food and raise a few very healthy animals. All this without spending a lot of time (I claim I never did) and without going to a pet store. Save a lot of time and money.

Both of our cats are healthy and healthy, and there are nearly 20. Now, like my mother's pets, they seem to be immortal.

These are a few reasons for individual use: The pet food recall on 8/7 made thousands of pet owners concerned about what's in these cans. Those who have read my article "Prescription for Cats with Kidney Problems" will know that I have emphasized the link between diet and disease. Many experts believe that the nutritional content of commercial pet foods is seriously inadequate.

This is due to the extreme temperatures used in the processing plant. Saturated animal fat is added to make food better with dyes, preservatives, and other chemicals. In short, a cat's immune system can become prone to disease due to the build-up of toxins in the blood, lymph nodes, and tissues. Your pets are starting to experience the same severe problems as people who consume junk food; obesity, diabetes, lethargy, and, unfortunately, premature death. Do we kill our cats in ignorance?

What should I do? Of course, it is essential to return to a natural diet. We must remember that cats are born hunters. They usually eat raw meat, which contains all the nutrients they need. Cat food made in a refinery by adding chemicals, pigments, fats, and by-products other than meat is not a natural diet. I've been able to prove that by preparing my homemade cat food, buying raw ingredients is the secret to extending a cat's life. This gives my cats all the nutrients they need. Not only that, but it can also keep their immune system going. Avoid those expensive veterinary trips.

It is a pleasure to see our cats so active, healthy, and healthy; I recommend that you keep the cat's diet and health in check. Don't let them die of ignorance; spend your time differently, and that time you can be sure you never did. I've said before that "expert.


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