Friday, 16 April 2021

Home Made Nutritious Food For Pet Cats & Dogs

 Pets must be part of our family. We also need to give them the same dietary considerations as the rest of the family. Many brands in the market advertise packaged pet foods, and there are many options. Most vets and animal lovers recommend these foods. Presumably, these packaged foods were developed by veterinary nutrition experts and contain all the correct ingredients necessary for a healthy pet diet.

There is another train of thought, the idea of ​​bringing pets home for cooking. While packaged foods are advocated for health benefits, they are not as fresh and nutritious as cooking at home. According to these experts, pets are also tired of eating the same food every day, so it needs to be replaced. A vet confirmed that his puppies started to lose appetites after a few days of ready-to-eat food, leading to intestinal failure and weight loss. However, when he transferred the dog to food for human consumption, the animal changed positively.

According to another study, cats need more nutrients than dogs, so ready-to-eat packaged food is beneficial for cats. Dogs are omnivores like humans, while cats are absolute carnivores. They absolutely must eat meat, and if the diet is not balanced, they are prone to malnutrition. There is a big difference between preparing food for dogs and preparing food for cats. The nutritional needs of the two animals are entirely different, and their eating habits are entirely different.

There are many cookbooks on the market focusing on healthy and nutritious pet food recipes. An increasing trend among pet owners is to provide their dogs and cats with home-cooked meals. This is due to the health concerns associated with packaged pet food. While the companies producing these foods assure users that they are made from the best materials, they have had to recall many types of foods lately.

Many veterinarians and animal lovers have written recipe books on animal nutrition. Some of the best cookbooks that you can recommend for cat and dog food are "Buck Grove: Relaxed, Healthy Home," Author: Rudy Edda Maserati (Rudy Edalati), "Natural Food for Cats and Dogs," Kymythy Schultze, "Natural Pet Food Cookbook: Healthy Recipes. "Dog and Cat "by Wendy Nan Rees," Three Dogs Baking Method "by Mark Beckloff and Dan Dye, Michel Bledsoe (Michele Bledsoe)," Kitten's Recipe "by Michael Walton and Kelly Schaefer.

Taking all these factors into account, pet owners are increasingly preparing homemade meals for their pets.

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