Friday, 16 April 2021

Dog Food Comparisons - Commercial and Home Made

 With all the commercial pet food available, why would anyone spend money and time making pet food? If you look at a comparison of the percentage of crude protein, fiber or calories in dog food, and really look at the nutrients in a can of dog food, the answer to this question may be easier than you think.

Have you ever seen the ingredients in canned dog food? If you haven't, then you should; you owe yourself and your dog. If you have looked at these ingredients, do you understand what they mean?

The fifth ingredient in canned chicken recipes, produced by high-quality, highly regarded dog and cat food manufacturers, is chicken powder. Do you know what chicken is? It is the dry, shredded, clean, clean part of the cas body of a slaughtered chicken, such as the neck, legs, undeveloped eggs and intestines, excluding feathers, unless unavoidable in good processing practice. These are the indigestible parts of chicken. The type and quality of the parts in each batch can vary widely, so nutritional content can be inconsistent. In essence, it is used as a cheap filler.

Can you eat chicken? I do not think so. Why do you want to feed it to your dog? If you want to buy ingredients for making dog food, you will get high quality beef, chicken, pork, vegetables and grains. Plus, it won't be any cheaper than a good brand of dog food. Your dog can also provide for more nutritional needs.

The vast majority of people think that dogs are part of the family. I am sure you are one of them. Give your dog the best chance of making it healthy; cooking yourself is not comparable when you compare dog food between commercial brands and homemade brands. Home wins, lets go.

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