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Save Your Dog's Life: Choking

  Choking is a frequent emergency situation that you can encounter with your pet. Most dogs can chew on almost everything, including bones, toys, sticks, and plastic (to name a few! ), which can get stuck in the mouth's palate or windpipe - knowing how to react to a choking dog could save your pet's life, as you might not have enough time to rush to the vet. Are you aware of what to do if your dog chokes? It is critical that you seek veterinary assistance immediately, as the dog will suffocate. Choking Symptoms • Panic / hysteria • Difficulty breathing • Pawing at the mouth • Choking/hacking noises • Blue lips or tongue • Unresponsive or unaware dog What to do: • Remain vigilant - a choking animal can panic and bite. • Remain calm; your fear will spread to your dog; talk in a firm, soothing tone. • Open the dog's mouth with both hands - one on the upper jaw and the other on the lower. • Grasping the dog's jaws, tuck the dog's lips between the teeth and your fingerti

Beagles Make Excellent Patient Family Companions

 Beagles Make Excellent Patient Family Companions

Beagles have always been excellent family dogs, but they were underappreciated until recently. Beagles are not frequently lauded as family dogs, and they were not included in family dog rankings. However, over the last few years, an increasing number of families and individuals have demonstrated their affection for Beagles!

Beagles are listed as one of the top ten family dog breeds by the American Kennel Club.

The Best Beagle Characteristics That Families Adore

Families choose the Beagle because it is a sociable, easy-going, tolerant, and gentle breed of dog. They are a dog breed of medium size. They are extremely active and naturally inquisitive.

Beagles get along well with children and other animals, whether they are household pets or not. They are scent hounds and thrive on ample outdoor time and scent-related games and challenges. Additionally, challenging their minds helps them remain calm and manageable.

Their grooming requirements are negligible. A weekly brushing is sufficient. Be prepared for some shedding. Worse in the spring, when their winter coats begin to thin in preparation for the summer.

Some Difficult Beagle Characteristics

While Beagles make excellent family dogs, they do have some challenging characteristics. Among their less desirable characteristics are the following:

REQUIREMENT FOR MODERATE DAILY EXERCISE - this is NOT the breed for you if you're looking for a lap dog.

They can be obstinate - Training requires time and perseverance.

They are scent hounds, which means that occasionally a scent will overwhelm their senses and even your commands! Without proper obedience training, they can be quite difficult to manage!

All breeds, however, present unique challenges, and families who choose a Beagle enjoy sharing their stories. While conducting research for this post, I came across a unique video that demonstrates the special moments that occur when you have a Beagle in your family.

Two Well-Known Cartoon Characters - You Didn't Know They Were Actually Beagles!

If you grew up watching cartoons in the 1980's, you may recall the popular children's television series "Inspector Gadget." Inspector Gadget was an eccentric detective who defended his city against evil with the assistance of his niece and her dog, Brain, a super smart, sleuthing Beagle!

Introducing Wallace and Gromit

Gromit is a Beagle in this popular clay-animation cartoon that began in England in the late 1980's and remained popular into the 1990's and 2000's. Gromit portrays the part of the anthropomorphic dog who is silent, intelligent, and loyal.

Beagles Desire To Be A Family Member

Beagles are incredible dogs that thrive when accepted into a family. They are well-behaved around children and other pets. They bring happiness, love, and loyalty. Although they have been a family dog for a long period of time and have been secretly enjoyed, they are only now gaining popularity in the family dog role at an exponential rate! More families are choosing Beagles and boasting about how much fun they are! They are also a dog breed that has a unique positive media presence as a result of popular celebrities who have owned them and Beagles who are themselves cartoon super stars.


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